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r44 Woodcraft Manual for Boys knot in a handkerchief, tie it round the limb, with the knot just . above the wound, and twist it round with a stick till the flow is stopped. Lightning To revive one stunned by a thunderbolt, dash cold water over him. Shock or Nervous Collapse A person suffering from shock has pale, dull face, cold skin, feeble breathing, rapid, feeble pulse, listless, half-dead manner. Place him on his back with head low. Give stimulants, such as hot tea or cofiee, or perhaps one drink of spirits. Never remove the clothing, but cover the person up. Rub the limbs and place hot-water bottles around the body. Most persons recover in time, without aid, but those with weak hearts need help. Fainting Fainting is caused by the arrest of the blood supply to the brain, and is cured by getting the heart to correct the lack. To aid 'in this have the person lie down with the head lower than the body. Loosen the clothing. Give fresh air. Rub the limbs. Use smelling-salts. Do not let him get up until fully recovered. Mad Dog or Snake Bite Put a tight cord or bandage around the limb between the wound and the heart. Suck the wound many times and wash it with hot water to make it bleed. Burn it with strong ammonia or caustic or a white-hot iron; or cut out the wounded parts with a sharp knife or razor, if you cannot get to a doctor. Insect Stings Wash with oil or weak ammonia, or verysalt water, or paint with iodine. Cinders or Sand in the Eye Can be removed with the corner of a handkerchief, or the wet end of a tiny roll of soft paper. Io.