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Tribe Activities The Caribou Dance

The easiest of our campfire dances to learn, and the best for quick presentation, is the Caribou Dance. It has been put on for pubUc performance after twenty minutes' rehearsing, with those who never saw it before; and it does equally well for indoor gymnasium or for campfire in the woods. In the way of fixings for this, you need four pairs of horns and four tails. Real deer horns may be used, but they are scarce and heavy. It is better to go out where you can get a few crooked limbs of oak, cedar, hickory, or apple tree; and cut eight pair, as near like a, b, c, in the cut as possible, each about two feet long and one inch thick at the butt. Peel these; point the square ends of the branches, then lash them in pairs, thus (d). A pair, of course, is needed for each caribou. These are held in the hand and above the head, or in the hand resting on the head. The tails are made each out of one third of a flat barrel hoop of wood. At one end of the hoop make four holes in pairs, an inch apart; thus (see/ in cut). These are for cords that pass over the wearer's belt and through the hoop. The hoop is then wrapped with white muslin and finished with a