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Tribe Activities

Alouette is an unusually fine song for group singing. The idea is that of caressing a beautiful bird. A leader sings the verse up to end of '*je te plumerai la tete" and the group repeats this, running down scale. The soloist sings "et la tete" and the chorus repeats twice. All sing chorus. In the next verse the soloist uses "cou" and just before the chorus, adds to it the word used in the previous verse as: "et le cpu" response by crowd, then "et la tete" response from crowd, then on to chorus. After each verse the previous verse words are added until all the parts of the bird have been used. The Omaha Tribal Prayer Hannonized by PRor. J. C« Fzllmqrs. Slow. Grave. Solemn. J J ^ |g ^ ' ^ : JZ s i m Wa-koD'-da dhe • dhu . Wa-pa dhin a • ton - he. '^ ?5 g -9- ft /^ ^ r ± CoH Fed. ♦ ^ ^ S fs /^ d^ i 4^ " g b i g OiVa-kon-da dhe -dhu Wa-pa-dhin a • ton 'he. g .^.


^ <v p frp? I «  Ped. By permission from Alice C. Fletcher's Indian Story and Song.'- Translation: Father a needy one stands before thee; I that sing am he.