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n Woodcraft Manual for Boys Hike Song Music by Job. S. Jones . Way down in yon-der yal-ley The mist is like a sea, . We wan-der by the wood-land That hangs np - on the hiil, 8. We gaze up - on the streamlet. As o'er the bridge we lean; Tho' the sun be scarce-ly ris - en, There is light e-nough for me. We hear the birds a- tan- ing, Their mom-ing ciar- ion shrill. We watch its hur-riedrip-plesy That catch the mom-ing sheen. l^^i^. JUMSM For be it ear - ly mom-ing, Or be it late at night; For hur - ried-ly a - wak- ing. From midst the dew - y spray ; Oh, the Woodcraft Boys are stalwart^ And the Woodcraft Girls are fair; Cheer - i - ly ring our foot-steps. Right, left, right! Cheer - i - ly now the black-bird. Whist-ling greets the day. And cheer -i -ly breathes around us. The bracing wood-land air. Ghobus For be it ear - ly mom-ing. Or be ii late at night. Cheer - i • ly ring our foot-steps, Bight, left, right. fe — ^— J N r- Qg^ ^ ^ ^ — y^ »: t t: ^ ^ i: J i eve- nings dusk -y shad-ows. In mom-ing ros • y light, ^ h h ^ t u — •■ l W ^ % ^ Cheer -i - ly ring our foot-steps. Right, left, right. From *' Untvenity of Toronto Song Book." F. Suckling &, Sons, Toronto.