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9. Know 300 signs of thc^Sign Language. 10. Know the twenty-five secret tifos and blazes of the Indian code. 11. Have slept out thirty nights. 12. Know and can clearly discriminate the track of twenty- five of our common wild quadrupeds; also trail for a mile with- out snow, till near enough to photograph or bag it. 13. Must have carried a letter three times over a mile of enemy's country with at least twenty hostiles out against him, of his own class. Nabikwa-Ninini



The Degree of 9 > ' n may be conferred on any one who takes ten of li. sts: I. Tie ten diflerent standard knots. 2.. Make a finish knot at the end of a rope. 3. Make long and short splices and demonstrate covering an eye splice. 4. Use palm and needle. 5. Fling a rope coil. 6. Fling a life buoy.* 7. Row and steer a boat. 8. Pole and scull a boat and demonstrate bringing it along- side safely, then make fast. 9. Bo. the compass. 10. Read a chart. 1 1 . Show a knowled^ of weather wisdom and tides. 1 2. Show how sun and stars are of service as guides. 13. Swim fifty yards with clothes on. 14. Sail a two-man boat for 100 miles without a professional sailor for companion, but yourself holding the tiller and direct- ing its sail adjustment, etc. This need not be in one trip. 15. Demonstrate by description and sketch or actually dem- onstrate correct method of reefing a fore and aft sail including sequence of passing the tack lasfalng, earing and knotting reef points and turning out the reef. 16. Describe the nror>er method of coming to anchor so as not to foul anchor; state proper amount of rope to be paid out in proportion to deplh of water. Also show method of stopping anchor line down to flukes and ring to anchor n rocky bottom. 17. Rules of the road; proper action to be taken on approach <^ other vessel of any chamctor.

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