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Art Metal Worker


The Degree of Art Metal Worker may be conferred on any one who takes fifteen of these tests: I. Make set of six buttons and a pair of cufflinks to^match m copper, brass. German iS. «p,2SS befiXSlntrbSS'"^^^ ^i^' u '"■^f ^'■^y- P'^t"""e frame, etc. 4- Make bracelet, band, link, or chain. filigree^* metal-may be engraved plates or links or in se'uing,'oreSel'^ ^ semi-predon. tone ""^ ^"'^ and plates. 9- JJake bowl ten inches in diameter f^^y '"'^^^^ diameter. 12. Make four small knockers for study, bedroom nhvnvim and music room, with appropriate dcsigr playroom. 13- Make set of andirons, stand. ^^^ ton,rs,pokr. , and hearthbniahand IS- Make desk set. 16. Make electric la stand i, r able, Indian desi^ 17. Make metal vas. iitable for lam^'Sm3^?'a^^^ tinguisS.' ""'^'^^ matchhold^or sn'ifaitd «- 19. MakccandlesticksandfirebowlfortheFour Fires. Shaginapi

Backwoods Handicraftsman


.Jt S*'^'^ Backwoods Handicraftsman may be conferred on any one who takes seven of these tSte- 1. Make a birch or hickory broom 2. Make a hunter's lamp. 3. Make an Indian or willow be-' t iitt^ * four-poster to carry the willow bed. 5. Make a wooden kneading trou^

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