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•5. Make a noggin or wooden drinkin) up of a tree burl. 7. Make a basket to hold at least a quart using nffia. soruce roots, rattan, or other strong material. Build a cabin. 9 10. Make a iaoti8e>prool cup- board. 11. Build a boat. 12. Make a Navajo Loom. 13. Build a stone or brick bake oven 14. Tanapcltwiththeiuron. 15. Remove the hair from a calfskin without using a knife or injuring the skin. 16. Repair a boot with a patch. 17. Make a pair of sins. 18. Build an oven out of doois. 19. Weave a rug or mat. Bineshi

Bird Sharp


«J^fh?!*f* Sharp may be conferred on any one who takes eight of these tests: LU .xik ^^l^'^^^y % native birds in a collection. —J I When thesexesdiffergreatly.theycounteachasabird.) a. Identify twenty-five natives bjinis in the field. 3. Identify twenty-five native birds by note urrit}^^ ^ local list of twenty-fivc birds idth remarks on amval, departure, abundance, etc «n say wh^*"'*°° ^'^ty Wrtb of great value to agriculture and 6. Name ten birds that work in the orchard destroying the bark bee and other such posts. ""/"ig uie 7. Keep a ionrnal with daily notes on the nesting of a pair of birds from .set f ing to fledging. "«t«HS "i » pair "P * "° successful bird boxes. 9. Mako.and set up a accessful lunch counter. 10. Make and set up a successful biitl bath esibli^^id.^' sanctuaries are, and why they are being 12. Write an original essay of 500 words giving the life his- • ^ >'°" belling when it wnves m the sprrng, how the male differs from the female. L nLf '"i'^ liKe what are its haunts, where it nests, what ^T/^f like, when the young are raised and fl;, what r!" fi^t plumage, how many broods are raised each season, what are Its foods, its enemies, and its peculiars^