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1. The simplest kind of bow ; a bent stick with a stout leather thong fastened at each end. It is about 27 inches long and XXX inch thick.

2. A more elaborate bow with a hole at each end for the thong. At the handle end it goes through a disc of wood. This is to tighten the thong by pressure of the hand against the disc while using.

3. Simplest kind of drill-socket ; a pine or hemlock knot with a shallow hole or pit in it. 3a is under view of same. It is about 4^ inches long.

4. A more elaborate drill-socket ; a pebble cemented with gum in a wooden holder. 4a is under view of same.

5. A very elaborate drill-socket ; it is made of tulip wood, carved to represent the Thunderbird, It has eyes of green felspar cemented in with resin. On the under side (5^1) is seen, in the middle, ai soapstone socket let into the wood and fastened with pine gum, and on the head a hole kept filled with grease, to grease the top of the drill before use.

6. The drill ; 12 to 18 inches long and about finch thick ; it is roughly eight-sided so the thong will not slip, and pointed at each end. The best wood for the drill is old, dry brash, but not punky balsam fir or Cottonwood roots ; but basswood, white cedar, red cedar, tamarack, and sometimes even white pine, will do.

7. Fire-board or block ; about J inch thick and any length handy ; a is notch with pit just begun, b shows the pit after once using and in good trim for a second time, c shows the pit bored through and now useless ; the notch is inch wide and | inch deep.

8. Shows the way of using the sticks. The block (a) is held down with one foot, the end of the drill ib) is put in the pit, the drill-socket (c) is held on top in left hand, one end of the bow (</) is held in the right hand, while the bow is drawn back and forth.

9. Is a little wooden fire-pan, not essential but convenient; its thin edge is put under the notch to catch the powder that falls.