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birds as seen mounted in a museum, the female and young to count separately when they are wholly different from the male. This counts coup; 200 birds for grand coup.

82. Know and name correctly 50 wild birds in the field; this counts coup; 100, grand coup.

83. Recognize 50 wild birds by note, for coup; 100 for grand coup.

84. Know and name 10 turtles for coup, 20 for grand coup, with something interesting about each.

85. Know and name 10 different snakes, telling which are poisonous, for coup; 20 snakes for grand coup.

86. Know and name correctly 10 Batrachians for coup; 20 for grand coup.

87. Know and name 25 fish, for coup; 50 fish for grand coup.


Revised by Mr. John Burroughs.

88. Know and name 25 native land and fresh water shells, for coup; 50 for grand coup.

89. Know and name 25 moths, for coup; 50 for grand coup.

90. Know and name 25 butterflies, for coup; 50 butterflies for grand coup.

91. Know and name 50 other insects, for coup; 100 for grand coup. ..text continues