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and the wood of *H the Imporunt tpedet, and then tn i«  •^vSiiJic^xTl u a most *o*^**!7 S:£!S^!3r and contains a weahh <.f original obi«vadoB rfro|. and t.>ad. thatta a ^^trSj^^^S^^S^L^^Si plates in clor and IIMify JOO hhelW**«Wli pl»<i»o|»p*« WW life by the author. OUR HATXVI TBIM HARRIET L. KEELER, 1900 Charks Scribner's S<ms, New York City. Priet, liM OlOLOOXOAL STOBY BBOFLT TOtD JAMES D. DANA Amryican Book Co., New ■ City. Prkt. $i.iS FBIMBB OF OBOLOaY ARCHIBALD GEIKIE American Book Co., New York City. Price, 3SC immmf with ah opbba olam GARRETT P. SERVISS D. Apphtm^ Co., N'w York City. Price, ti-So irAUMMV OmOlAL ATHLinO ALXAMAC EDITED BY J. E. SULLIVAN ^