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BOOKS BY ERNEST THOMPSON SETOM p^bUahed by DOUBLEDAY. PAGE ft CO. 133 E**t i6th Btratt, New York City TWO LITTLE SAVAaSS, 1903 A book of adventure and woodcraft and camping out for boys, telling how to make bows, arrows, moccasins, costumes, teepee, war-bonnet, etc., and how to make a fire with rubbing sticks, read Indian signs, etc. Price, $1.75 net. THS WILD ANIMAL PLAT, 1900 A musical play in which tl - parts of Lobo, Wthb, ViMtn, etc., are taken by boys and girls. Price, soc. Published by CHARLES SCRIBNBR'S SONS sss mh A«WM% M«w Twk CMy WILD AUXMALS X HATI XVOWV. 1898 The stories of Lobo, Sil^-erspot, Mdtty CottontMl, UnflO, Vixen, The Pacing MusUng, Wully and Redniff. Pnce, «3M. LOBO, SAO AVD TIZIV, 1800 This is a school edition of the abant, with Mme of the itoiiM and many of the pirturee left out. Price, Soc net. TBI niAIL or TBI tAVSBXLL ITAft, 1899 The story of a loDg hunt that ended wilhoitt a tnfedy. Price, $1.50. TBI £Zm or TBI BUVTID. 1801 The stories of Krag, Randy, Johnny Bear^ Tte ^^^r Teal, Chink, The Kargartio Rat, and Tho, the Coyote. Price, $1-75 net. SBAG AND JOHNNT BlAB, 1908 This is a schod edition of the above, with aome of the 1 and many of d» pktwes kit oM. Price,50Ciiet.