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The Bitch-Bark RoU ATHLETICS {Conavded) The foUcwing honors are open to those only who are n years tti or over : . Coup: Walk xo miles in i hr. 45 m. Grand Cotq>: I hr. 30 m. (Rec z hr. 17 m. 4of s.) . Coup: Walk 100 miles in 30 his. (Srand Coup: in 3$ his. (Rec ai his. 4a s.) . Coup: Swim 5 mQes in 4 hmm. Grand Coup: in 3 J hours. (Rec. 3 hrs. 58 m. ^ s.) . Coup: Swim 10 miles in any time. . Grand Coup: Swim 15 miles in any time. . Coup: Bicycle, zoo miles in one day aoowding to L. A. W. rules. GtandCoiq>: aoo miles. [thSMMp