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The Bifch-Bark Rolf ATHLETICS (CMMMwi) ton THOSE UNDER 1 4.* . Coup: Swim loo yds. in any time at all. Grand C<Hq>: aoo yds. in 4 m. . Notq|)eB. . Not open. FOR THOSE OVER 14 Ata> CMOM 18. . Notf^ea. Coup: Swim loo vds. in any time at kll. Grand Coup: 300 yds. in 3 m. 45 a. Coup: Swim i mile in 50 m. Gnmd Coop: in 45 m. Coup (Medley Race) : Go 400 yds.; running 100, rowing 100, walk- ing 100, and swim' nung 100 (in any order) in 6 m. Grud Coup: 5 m Coup: On Ucyck I mUe 3 m. 30 1. Gnad Coiq>: 3 m Coup: Swim 100 yds. in any time at all. Grand Coup: 300 yds. in 3 m. (Rec. 3 m. 30 s.) Coup: 45 m. Grand Coup: 35 m. (Rec. 94 m. 46f s.) n» THOSB ovn 18. Coup: 4} m. Grand Coup: 4 m. Coiq>: X mile 9 m. 50*. Giaad Coup: t m. S. • If aiuiidudUdcdmlte&gnttwl«lM,knay teaadibirtrtiagteMMp o( the M-ycu-olds u tlw aait aad Mbtncliaf ?! aad ts p« cM iwpidMr iar gnnd coup and coup mhm it it dirtaM*, or aMlM ts it tI «M «Imb