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The Biceh-Bark RoO ATHLETICS (Contimied) FOB THOSE UNDEB 14.* FOB THOSE OVEB I4 AND UNDEB 18. . Coup: Shot put from a 7-ft. circle (13 lbs.), 18 ft. ^ Gnnd Coup: ao ft . Throw regulation baseball, 60 yds. Gimnd Coup: 70 yda, - Coup: Batting baaeball, 55 yds. Grand Coup: 65 yds. Coup: as ft. Grand Coup: aSft, FOB TUOSE OVEB l8. Coup: 75 yds. Orand Coup: yds. Coup: 70 yds. Grand Coup: yds.

»*!l!Pi. T^irowjngCoup: no yds.

  • Lacrosse. Grand Coup: 130

the yds. Grand Coup: 100 yds. . Coup: To kick (drop) a goal in football, 30 y<ls. Grand Coup: 35 yds . May try if they like yds. Coup: 40 yds. Grand Coup: yds.

May try if they oke. Coup: (16 lbs.) 36 ft. Grand Coup: (16 lbs.) 40 ft. ^ (Rec. 47 ft.) Coup: 100 yds. Grand Coup: no yds. (Rec. 197 J^s- 2i in.) Coup: 95 yds. Grand Coup: 105 yds. ^Rec. 118 yds. 10 in.) Coup: 130 yds. Grand Coup: 150yds. (Rec. i6s jndi. a ft, 7J in.) Coup: 50 yds. Grand Coup: 55 yds. (Rec. 63 yds. n in.) Grand Coup: Put two Rugby footbaUs in mid- dle of Rugbjr fidd and kick a riipit and left goal. Mf a standard is d«irtd for tho« uiid« ten. k may be made b, I.U|« the coud of the 14-year-olda M the unil «>d subtnctiBa 7« rnnd i< ner »^ i^*^ r«d«.p «d coup .to. u I. di-JTS-CJ L'ZT^s^^'