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The Bbch-Bttk Rofl ATHLETICS (Continrnd) worn THOSE DNDEB I4-* rOK TBOSE OVXB I4 AND UNDEB 18. . Coup: To climb the 18-ft. rope, hands only used, 13 s. Grend Coup: 11 1. . Coup: To diin the bar 4 times. Grand Coup: 6 toes. S- like. May try if they Coup: 9 s. Grand Coup: Coup: 6 times. Grand Coup: times.

Coup: TocMnthe bar with one hand once. Grand Coup: With each hand in suc- cession. . Coup: Skate 100 yds. in 15 s. Grand Coup: 13 s . Coup: Row (single sculls) i mile in II m. Grand Coup: 10 m . Coup: Paddle (single) I mile in 13 m Grand Coup: 12 m. Coup: 13 s. Grand Coi^>: 12 s. Coup: 9 m. Grand Coup: 8 m Coup: 19 m. Grand Coup: XI m roa Twwa ovu 18. Coup: 6 s. Grand Coup: $ •• (Rec. 3i s.) Coup: 10 tunes. Grand Coup: 15 times. (Rec. 39 times.) Coup: To chin the bt- with each hand. • iiTind Coup: With each hand twice. (Rec. 13 times.) Coup: iii 8. Grand Coup: lof s. (Rec. with wind, 9 s.) Coup: 7 m. 25 s. Grand Coup: 6 m. SOS. Coup: 10 m. Grand Coup: 9 m. • II a ttandard is desired lor those under ten, it may be made by taking the coup ol the 14-year-olds as the unit and subtracting 7* «nd «5 pw respectively lor gnud caap tad coup when it to dirtance, or adding to it u>d '5 bbdow.