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The Birch-Bark RoU RKD— AH parts marked so : llllllllll . Smoke-flaps and all tops of teepees, stem of pipe, lower lialf-circle under pipe, middle part of bowl, wound oil side of Elk, blood falllnK f'l o<> trail; Horse, middle Buffalo, two inner bars of pathway up back; also short, dark crossbars, spot on middle of two door-hangers, and fringe of totem at top of pathway, and two' 'ack lines on doorway. yELI.OW — All parts marked so: I '.' I - I'pper half-circle under pipe stem, upper half of each feather on pipe ; horseman with bridle, saddle and one hindfnot of Horse; the laricesl Buffalo, the outside upright of the palhwav ; the ground colors of the totem ; the spotted crossbars of pathway ; the four MIchM Dcxt the ground, the two palcbeaovwdoor, and the rings of door-hanger. ORBEN — All parts marked so: Bowl of pipe, spot over it; feather li^-* of same; Elk, first Buffalo, middle line on each side path- way, and around tee|>ee top; two dashol crossbars on totem and dsMiMl crossbars on iMUhway ; bar on wbicb Hon* walks; lower ctlgt Md liM c( vou on upper part of door.