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40. Come to camp through strange woods from a point one mile off in 20 minutes, for coup; in 15, for grand coup.

41. Light 10 camp fires in succession with 10 matches, all at different places, all with stuff found in the woods by the boy himself, one at least to be on a wet day, for coup. If all ten are done on wet days, or if he does 20, of which two are on wet days, it counts grand coup.

42. Light a fire with fire-drill or rubbing sticks, with material of one's own gathering, counts a coup; to do it in one minute, counts a grand coup.

43. To chop down a 6-inch tree in 60 seconds, throwing it to drive a given stake, coup; in 45 seconds, grand coup.

44. Know and name 10 star groups, for coup; know 10 star groups and tell the names and something about at least one star in each, for grand coup.

45. Take the latitude from the stars at night with a cartwheel, or some home-made instrument, within 2 degrees of error, for coup; 1 degree, for grand coup.

46. To guess one inch, one foot, one yard, one rod, one acre, 100 yards, 200 yards, one quarter-mile, one half-mile, and a mile, within 20 percent. ..text pokračuje