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62 The Book of Woodcraft The horns are given to fight, and the shield to ward off. In these, we symbolize that we are ready for all maimer of trial. Our war-cry is "ZTow Kolal How Kolal How Kola! Shunka meneetu Yaooooooo!" (which is the "Hail! Brother, " and the wolf, and the howl of the wolf). Our sign is the closed hand held up, with little finger and thumb out as horns; and raising the hand, so held palm forward to the head, and down, is both a courteous salute and a sign that we are of the Brotherhood. Some also in salute add the word "How," or "Haw." THE LAWS . Obedience. Obedience is the foundation of all law; therefore, at all times; obey the law and the Chief and the Council of your Tribe, without evil-speaking or resentment or delay. . Courage. The greatest of all gifts is courage, and the meanest of faults is fear. In the words of Quonab, "My father taught me there is nothing that can shame a man but being afraid. " . Cleanliness. There is no strength without cleanliness. While the Redmen took an ice-cold morning plunge