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Purpose and Laws 63 each day, from snow around again to snow, there were none on earth to match them in their strength. But when they fell from this high estate, and forgot the old way, their strength went from them, because with dirt came in disease, and they became its prey; for foul disease is ever the child of dirt, be it in per- son, in camp, in speech, or in mind. . Smoking. Let no one use tobacco till he be a full- grown man of eighteen snows; and then only as a burnt sacrifice to the Great Spirit. In the child or the young brave, it saps the strength; but in the man it may be a helper of prayer and meditation. . Fire-water. No Fire-water in camp. Should we drink of destruction, or surrender to an enemy that will wreck our bodies and turn our wisdom into folly? . Wild-life. The Great Spirit made all things, and we have no right to urmiake them, except we know it be to preserve ourselves. Therefore, protect all song- birds and harmless squirrels. Keep the game-laws, and do no harm to the beauty of the landscape. . Wild-fire. The forest is the father of the rivers and the game. There can be no good thing without the forest. The enemy of the forest is wild-fire. There- fore, at all times, be sure to fight it, and leave no camp fire unguarded, lest it should become wild- fire. . Kindness. Above all others, the great Tecumseh was kind to every man and to the beasts. And his kind- ness came again to him. It caused him no loss; no, not the value of a hair, and it gave him power over all men. Let each one strive to do at least one act of kindness every day, for thereby he becomes kinder, and his kindness comes to him again. . Play Fair. Play no game except according to the