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548 The Book of Woodcraft The Message of the Indian The message of the Indian for us is sixfold : I St. He was the great prophet of outdoor life. He was strong when he lived in the sun; and when, under pressure, he took to a house, he was like Samson shorn of his hair. By the physical perfection of his body, he showed the truth of his way. He was a Kving protest against house-life. He, above all others, can show us how to get the joys, and escape the dangers, of life in the open air.

2nd. He was a master of woodcraft — woodcraft, the 

oldest of all the sciences; the one, that, above all, makes for manhood. Strength, speed, skill, courage, knowledge of the woods and its creatures, star-wisdom, water-wisdom, plant lore, and everything that makes for the well-built man in masterful touch with a large environment of blue air, is part of woodcraft. And in this above all other men, the Indian can be our guide. rd. He taught the sacred duty of reverencing, beautify- ing and perfecting the body., th. He sought for the beautiful in everything. He teaches us that, if we have the spirit of beauty within, we may beautify everything in every ofl&ce and walk of our lives. Every weapon, tool, utensil, garment and house; yes, every gesture — he has taught us how to make beau- tiful, Jlis songs, stories, dances, ceremonies, his system of