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Signaling and Indian Signs 231 Pmerly (both hands turned flat forward near trouser pockets) ; Bribe (hand held hollow up behind the back) ; Knife (first and second fingers of right hand used as to whittle first finger of left) ; / am thinking it over (forefinger on right brow and eyes raised) ; I forgot (touch forehead with all right finger tips, then draw flat hand past eyes once and shake head) ; / send you a kiss (kiss finger tips and move hand in graceful sweep toward person); The meal was good (pat stomach) ; / beg of you (flat hands tight together and upright) ; Upon my honor (with forefingers make a cross over heart) ; Bar up, fins, or 7 claim exemption (cross second finger of right hand on first finger and hold hand up) ; Give me (hold out open flat hand pulling it back a little to finish) ; I give you (the same, but push forward to finish) ; Give me my bill (same, then make motion of writing) ; Get up (raise flat hand sharply, pahn upward) ; Sit down (drop flat hand sharply, pahn down); Rub it out (quickly shake flat hand from side to side, palm forward); Thank you ( a slight bow, smile and hand-salute, made by drawing flat hand a few inches forward and downward palm up); Do you think me simple? (forefinger laid on side of nose) ; Will you? or, is it so? (eyebrows raised and slight bow made) ; Will you come swimming? (first and second fingers raised and spread, others closed) ; Also of course, the points of the compass, and the numer- als up to twenty or thirty.