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Honors, Degrees, ancJ Indian Names J3j

  • i. Take two honors at least in the list of mountain-

climbing (see p. 103). (One in L. L.)

. Have camped out at least 30 nights in the mountains. 

. Klnow, name and describe the 14 great divisions of the earth's crust (according to Geikie). (Any 8 for L. L.)

  • 4. Know and name 25 different kinds of rock. (10 in.

L. L.)

  • S. Define watershed, delta, drift, fault, glacier, terrace,

stratum, dip. (Any 5 of these in L. L.) . Know at least 20 mammals that live in the moun- tains. (12 for L. L.) . " " " 50 mountain birds. (25 in L. L.) . " " " 25 mountain trees. (15 in L. L.) . Have made a journey alone on foot through the mountains of at least 100 miles, sleeping out every night. (Companion and horse allowed in L. L.) . Can swim 100 yards. PATHFINDER OS SCOUT {Mikan) The Degree of Pathfinder is conferred on those who take 12 of these tests: I. Know every land bypath and short cut for a dis- tance of at least 2 miles in every direction around your local headquarters in the country, (i mile in L. L.)

  • 2. Have a general knowledge of the district within a

5-mile radius of his local headquarters, so as to be able to guide people at any time, by day or night. (2 miles for L.L.) . Know the general direction and population of the 5 principal neighboring towns and be able to give strangers correct directions how to reach them. (3 towns in L. L.) . Know the country in 2-mile radius, or in a town