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132 The Book of Woodcraft . Can run i mile in 5^ minutes. (Not open to L. L.) . " swim 100 yards. . " spot the Rabbit (see Games) 3 times out of 5 at 60 yards. . " see and map out 6 Pleiades. . " see the Pappoose on the Squaw's back (spec- tacles allowed if habitually worn.) (See p. 204.)

  • g. Have kiUed according to the Campfire Law (p. 106),

any one big game animal.

  • io. Have got a good photograph of a big game animal

wild in its native surroundings.

  • ii. Know and name correctly 25 native wild quad-

rupeds. (15 for L. L.) . Know and name correctly 50 wild birds in the field and their nests. (30 for L. L.)

  • i3. Know and clearly discriminate the tracks of 25 of

our common wild quadrupeds. (15 for L. L.) . Can trail an animal or else iron track prints for half a mile without aid of snow. (Snow allowed in L. L.) . Have won honors with rifle. That is, be a marks- man according to the rules of the National Rifle Association. . With bow make a total score of 300 points at 60 yards, standard target (see p. 112). (25 points for L. L.)

  • i7. Have caught alive and uninjured with his own

make of trap one wild quadruped and one wild bird.

  • i8. Know the Pole Star and 15 star groups. (10 star

groups in L. L.) . Have taught any one of these but the first 9 to some other brave. MOUNTAINEER (Wadjiwed) The Degree of Mountaineer may be conferred on those who take 8 of these tests: