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I70 The Book of Woodcraft August, the Red Moon Outdoors : Camping, canoeing, or hiking. Water sports. Medley scouting in camp, each in turn being called on to dance, sing, tell a story, produce the leaf of a given tree, imitate some animal, or do the four-medley race namely, row a hundred yards, swim a hundred, walk a hundred and run a hundred, for honors. Indoors: Make a war club, each, for use in dancing. Make a hunter's lamp. Make a camp broom. September, the Hunting Moon Outdoors : Camping, over-night hikes, etc. Now the water is low, make dams and docks at swimming place for next year. Indoors : Make a collection of spore prints, and portraits of fungus. When raining: Practise tribal calls, story telling, and games like Rattler and Feather-blow. Make a Peace Pipe of wood. October, the Leaf-falling Moon Outdoors: Make a collection of leaves and study trees. Make a collection of nuts. Gather wood for bows and arrows. Indoors : Arrange, mount, and name specimens. Learn knots. First aid.