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Suggested Programs 169 May, the Planting Moon Outdoors : Make collection of wild flowers. Take first over-night hikes. Nature compass signs. Begin sleeping out your hundred nights. Indoors : Make a dummy deer for the deer hunt. Make straw clubs for bear hunt. Work on willow or Indian bed. June, the Rose Moon Outdoors : Fishing, swimming, Indian signs. Practise judging distances. Learn ten trees. Indoors : Initiate new Indian boys. Study camp hygiene. Make a Navaho loom and use it; July, the Thunder Moon Outdoors : Camping, canoeing, or hiking. Play scout messenger. Make a sweat lodge. Undercover: Make camp mattress of grass. Learn the history of Tecumseh and Dull Knife. Practise camp cooking. Boil water against time, given only one match, a log, a pail, and a quart of water.