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i62 The Book of Woodcraft stand. The Medicine Man or Woman shouts, "WelcomCj mighty Hiawatha, you have killed the Mishi-Mokwa." Hiawatha replies: "Yes, we've killed the Mishi-Mokwa, But my band is now a remnant. On the hillsides, in the valleys, Many fighting men are lying. Many of my chosen warriors. Killed by fearful Mishi-Mokwa." (Medicine Man) : "What ! is it true? " (All answer): *'Yes; Gray Wolf is dead; Whooping Crane," and so on. (Medicine Man) : "Here bring me earth and fire and water, Bring me wood and plume of eagle. Bring me hair of Mishi-Mokwa." (All run to get these things.) The Medicine Man makes a fire, throws in the things, and as the smoke goes up, he blows it with his robe to the four quarters of the heayens, saying: "Hear me, Oh, ye four wind spirits. Though these warriors' souls have left us. Ye who have them in your keeping. Bring them back into their bodies. I command you by the magic Of the med'cine I have made me Of the scalp of Mishi-Mokwa, Hear me, Oh, ye stricken warriors." (They all stir a little.) "Hear! Though dead, you all must hear me."