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Songs, Dances, and Ceremonies 163 (They stir again.) "Hear me! Ho!" (They all Jump up and join the circle amid cheers and greetings from the others.) (The Medicine Man now says) : "Honor be to Hiawatha, He hath saved his loving people. ^ On his neck we place the necklace Of the bear claws and the wampum. So the tribes shall still remember He it was killed Mishi-Mokwa." All join in a war-dance to drum, around the body of the bear. If, on the other hand, all the hunters are killed by the bear, he comes forward and hands the necklace to the Medicine Man, saying: "I'm the mighty Mountain Grizzly; Dead are those who sought to slay me. Mortal man cannot subdue me, But I bow me to your magic." The Medicine Man takes the necklace, holds it up, and replies: "Mishi-Mokwa of the mountains, You are chief of all the mighty. Keep the sacred wampum necklace, You have won it, wear it, keep it." (He puts it on the bear's neck.) "You have won a name of glory, Henceforth all the tribes shall tremble At the name of Mishi-Mokwa.