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with lining and edges finished with crocheting or binding, for grand coup. II

Plan, make, and fit up complete for outdoor sleeping, a sleeping bag that can be easily ventilated, for coup. In addition, plan and make complete outfit for the sleeper, including bed-sox, for grand coup. II

Decorate a Sagamore blanket or robe, containing at least 24 coup feathers and six other symbols or emblems, for coup. In addition, make a Sachem or tribal robe, con- taining at least 48 coup feather, and 10 other symbols or emblems, for grand coup. II

Show hand-made samples of the following stitches: bast- ing, hemming, running, felling, back-stitching, gathering, overcasting, buttonholing, sewing on buttons, herringbone, feather, darning stocking, darning a tear, patching, double feather, tucking, French knots, hemstitching, cross-stitch- ing, blanket stitching, eyelet, blind loop, French hem on damask, and mitering a corner, for coup. In addition, make a well-made dress entirely by hand, for grand coup. II

Make a costume for each of five different Council ac- tivities, costumes to be the property of the tribe, for coup. For each of 10 as above, grand coup. These need not be entirely by hand. II

Make a handbag of attractive design, all knots pulled evenly, the work being smoothly and neatly done, for coup. As above, using square knots, half hitches, spirals and double carrick bends, with tassels, for grand coup. 11

Make a belt at least 30 inches long and 11/2 inches wide, in two or more colors, without varying in width through- out, the work neatly done, knots pulled evenly, and edges regular, for coup. As above, with detachable buckle, sliding belt loop and worked eyelets, with balanced worked design, for grand coup. II

Make a center piece of attractive design, at least 18 inches in diameter (or equivalent), the work being regu- larly and neatly done, for coup. As above, with six indi- vidual doilies to match, for grand coup. II

Make, and mount for exhibition, properly labeled, the following: Turk’s head, a row of square knots, a row of half-hitches, a flat, a spiral, for coup. In addition, make six small articles, such as a shade pull, for grand coup. II

Hem a tablecloth and six napkins by hand, for coup. If initialed in letters at least one inch high, grand coup. II 54