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3. Dance two gypsy dances. (Spanish or Hungarian gypsy.)

4. Dance one standard Scottish dance, such as Highland fling, Scottish reel, sword dance, and fire dance, or dance two Irish dances, as jig, reel, hompipe, double shuffle, clog, etc.

5. Dance two standard Indian dances — as Lone Scout, Solo Snake, Storm Cloud, Caribou dance, Zuni spring dance, etc.

6. Dance two Greek dances.

7. Dance the minuet.

8. Dance the quadrille, lancers, and Virginia reel.

9. Lead in five children’s dances such as Sally Waters, chair dance, Mulberry Bush, A Hunting We Will Go.

10. Teach a class at least four dances representing four different departments as above.

11. Dance two Japanese dances. (One posture dance and one spear dance.)

12. Dance the dance of the Golden Sari, and a fire dance.

Note: Music of folk dances and Indian dances can be had on Victor and Columbia records, Education Department list.



The Degree of Entertainer may be conferred on any one who takes thirteen of these tests:

1. Tell entertainingly a good story, of not less than ten minutes, to a group of young people five different times.

2. Tell standard Indian stories to a group of not less than five one hour a week for two months, or equivalent.

3. Recite well five poems, orations, or stories which are in keeping with the occasions and entertaining.

4. Sing alone from memory five American folk songs.

5. Ditto for five English folk songs.

6. Ditto for five Scotch folk songs.

7. Ditto for five Irish folk songs.

8. Ditto for five folk songs of any other nation.

9. Act as accompanist at least six times for some public event in school, church, etc.

10. Take part on three or more occasions as a member of ..text continues