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Play a different instrumental solo on each of 8 public occasions, or act as accompanist at least 8 times for some public event, without pay. Take part on 8 or more oc- casions as a member of a quartette, glee club, choir, etc., or as a member of an orchestra, band, etc., without pay. Either for coup; both for grand coup. II Sing solo, and from memory, 5 different American folk songs and 5 non-American folk songs. (A folk song is a song which was evolved by the people—not by a person— expressing the genius or life of the people. Thus, Old Black Joe is not a folk song. The non-American songs must be sung with words in the original language, and all the verses given.) Write an original song with words and music, not less than 16 lines, or equivalent. Either for coup; both for grand coup. 11 Sing solo, and from memory, 10 songs of the Civil War period. Sing solo, and from memory, 10 cowboy songs. Either for coup; both for grand coup. II Sing 10 authentic Indian songs (not adaptations), with correct music and Indian words, for coup. In addition, tell the story connected with each of these songs, for grand coup. II Write new words to an old tune (not less than 24 lines) , teach it to a group so it is successful. Write a new tune to old words (not less than 24 lines), teach it so it is suc- cessful. Either for coup; both for grand coup. II


Read the Talmud, and make a digest of it, in not less than 2000 words, for coup. Not less than 5000 words, for grand coup. 111 As above for Old Testament. III As above for New Testament. 111 As above for Apocrypha. III As above for Koran. III As above for Zoroaster. 111 As above for Confucius. III Name the 10 Bible characters whom you consider great- est; tell briefly of their lives and work, for coup. 20 for grand coup. III 105