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Cultural Achievements


Make illustrated booklet showing comparisons between objects made by sedentary Indians and those made by Nomadic Indians for coup. Add illustrations of carvings which tell a story as compared with natural design as used in pottery, etc., and geometric design as used in weaving, etc., for grand coup. III For other art coups see the degree requirements for Art-Craftsman. Meet any one of the twenty-two require- ments for a coup. Any three for a grand coup. III Be able to identify by their artistic designs and decora- tions, the work of three tribes of Indians, for coup. Three from each of three areas, such as Eastern, Plains or South- west, for grand coup. III


On 5 different occasions, do all the planning of a pro- gram, training of entertainment, and presiding over a grand council of not less than 25 people, to take at least 2 hours, entertainment on each occasion to be entirely dif- ferent; and council to include business, song, dance, chal- 102