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7. Row, pole, scull, and steer a boat; also bring a canoe or boat properly alongside and make fast.

8. Build a boat or canoe.

9. Make a paddle and paint it Indian fashion.

10. Repair a boat or canoe.

11. Know the laws of mooring, beaching, caching, or portaging a canoe, also how to sit in it and how to change seats with another when afloat.

12. Swim 100 yards.

13. Swim fifty feet with shoes, pants or skirt, and shirt on.

14. Sail any two-man craft for 200 miles in a season — the other man not a professional sailor.

15. Paddle (single) a canoe on dead water one mile in twelve minutes.

16. Spill a canoe, get in again and bale it out without help.

17. Take canoe camper's honor, that is, make a continuous canoe or rowboat trip of at least 500 miles, sleeping out every night.

18. Have a knowledge of weather-wisdom and tides.

19. State direction by the stars and sun.

20. Steer by compass.

21. Teach a class to handle a canoe. Mokodasso-Winini



The Degree of Carpenter may be conferred on any one who takes ten of these tests:

1. Know how to drive a nail so as not to split a board, also how to sink, clinch, or draw the same.

2. Know the use of square, level, plumb line, mitre, and chalk line.

3. Lay out a right angle by the 3, 4, 5 plan.

4. Shingle a square — that is, a portion of roof — ten feet each way.

5. Make any plain, useful piece of furniture in good workmanship manner.

6. Make any piece of carved piece of furniture in good style.

7. Toys — make and paint a set of wooden toys for some child.

8. Repair atoy important piece of furniture seriously out of order.

9. Build a small shed or cabin so as to make it safe and weatherproof.