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Coups and Degrees 363 Know and name correctly fifty of our wild flowers, ioo for grand coup. Know and name correctly twenty-five of our wfld ferns, fifty for grand coup. Know and name correctly twenty-five of our native mosses, fifty for grand coup. Know and name fifty common toadstools or mushrooms, 100 for grand coup. Make and maintain a vivarium (aquarium with part land for turtles, frogs, etc.) successfully for six months and keep record of life of inmates. Dimensions two by four. Grand coup for one year success or unusual beauty or size. Keep ten records of different birds when first seen, nesting broods hatched, flying, etc., in one year. Grand coup for fifteen records. Dry and mount twenty-five ferns, properly identified. Fifty for grand coup. Geology, etc. (Revised by Prof. Charles D. Walcott, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution.) Paleontology. Know and name, referring to their proper strata, fifty native fossils, 100 for grand coup. Mineralogy. Know and name fifty minerals, for coup; or 100 for grand coup. Geology. Know and name and describe the fourteen great di- visions of the earth's crust, according to Geikie, also define watershed, delta, drift, fault, glacier, terrace, stratum, dip, and identify ten different kinds of rock, for coup. In addition to the first, define sediment metamorphic, anticlinal, synclinal, mo- raine, coal, metal, mineral, petroleum, and identify in all twenty kinds of rock, for grand coup. Photography (Revised by A. Radclyffe Dugmore, of Country Life in America, New York.) (Photographs accepted and used at Headquarters count each a Coup or Grand Coup, according to merits.) Make a good recognizable photograph of any wild bird larger than a Robin while on its nest. With image three inches long grand coup.