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196 Woodcraft Manual for Boys The White Amanita of a pure silvery, shiny white. The Fly Amanita with cap pink, brown, yellow, or red inthe centre, shaded into yellow at the edge, and patched with frag- ments of pure white veil. The Frosty Amanita with yellow cap, pale cadmium in centre, elsewhere yellowish white, with white patches on warts. . All are very variable in color, etc. But all agree in these things. They have gills, which are white, or yellow, a ring on the stalk, a cup at the base, while spores, and are deadly poison. In Case of Poisoning If by ill chance any one has eaten a poisonous Amanita, the effects do not begin to show till sixteen or eighteen hours afterward—that is, long after the poison has passed through the stomach and begun its deadly work on the nerve centres. Symptoms. Vomiting and purging, “the discharge from the bowels being watery with small flakes suspended, and sometimes containing blood”; cramps in the extremities. The pulse is very slow and strong ‘at first, but later Weak and rapid, sometimes sweat and saliva pour out. Dizziness, faintness, and blindness, the skin clammy, cold, and bluish or livid; tem- perature low with dreadful tetanic convulsions, and finally stupor. (McIlvaine and Macadam, p. 627.) Remedy: “Take an emetic at once, and send for a physician with instructions to bring hypodermic syringe and atropine sulphate. The dose is Th of a grain, and doses should be continued heroically until 1,117 of a grain is administered, or until, in the physician’s opinion, a proper quantity has been injected. Where the victim is critically ill the 315 of a grain may be administered.” (McIlvaine and Macadam, XVII.) Wholesome Toadstools It is a remarkable fact that all the queer freaks, like clubs and corals, the cranks and tomfools, in droll shapes and satanic colors, the funny poisonous looking Morels, Inkcaps, and Boleti are good, wholesome food, but the deadly Amanitas are like ordinary mushrooms, except that they have grown a little thin, delicate, and anaemic. All the Pufi'balls are good before they begin to pull, that is as long as their flesh is white and firm. ..__~w_ mnr_ _. L .h In ... _. Mdfl 53.. A 1 'n ,. rm -L- Jun V.~_’>.A;A.= ,,.1 K _ A N} (2‘ -.n_. (I