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..cof teepee and tent and needs only four poles besides the smoke-poles. It is, however, less picturesque than the old style.

This gives the great advantage of an open fire inside, and good ventilation, while it is quite rainproof.

It can be put up with four long poles outside the canvas, the poles crossing at the top as in the Indian teepee. Of course the point of the cover is attached before the poles are raised.

It may be got from D. T. Abercrombie & Co., 311 Broadway, New York.


Camp Grounds

In selecting a good camp ground the first thing to look for is a dry, level place, near good wood and good water. It is desirable to have the camp face the east and to have some storm break or shelter on the west and north; then it gets the morning sun and the afternoon shade in summer. Sometimes local conditions make a difierent exposure desirable. For obvious reasons it is well to be near one’s boat landing. Arriving at Camp As soon as all are on the ground with their baggage, locate the places for the tents (ordinarily this should be done in ad vance). If the camp is a large one let the leaders allot the locations. Try to have each tent about twenty-five feet from the next, in a place dry and easy to drain in case of rain and so placed as to have sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Trench each tent carefully. Pitch at a reasonable distance from the water supply and from the latrine.