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156' Woodcraft Manual for Boys “S” was a serpent hissing. It is but little changed to-day. We may also record our Sign Language in picture—writing,"- as was the custom of many Indian tribes, and we shall find it worth while for several reasons: It is the Indian special writing; it is picturesque and useful for decoration; and it can be read by any Indian no matter what language he speaks. Indeed, I think it probable that a pictograph inscription dug up 10,000 years from now would be read, whether our language was mm + fir Mr eoflov in mm. In Timur, H but!) Joan" 6‘41}! $23“ UH CI“ INN ) '¢ _ )K - Iii Y. v H L y "I 3&~ A a) a a a . A. 7”“7.‘ W“ F‘Edul rum we mm min fo fall i8 tn.)- M‘“ " "I!" track: turmr onf‘nil r ,1 ,k -r. understood or not. When the French Government set up the Obelisk of Luxor in Paris and wished to inscribe it for all time, they made the record, not in French or Latin, but in pictographs. It is, moreover, part of my method to take the child through the stages of our race development, just as the young bird must run for a send-05, before it flies, so pictography being its earliest form 15 the natural first step to writing. In general, picture-writing aims to give on paper the idea of the Sign Language without first turning it into sounds. In the dictionary of Sign Language is given the written form after each of the signs that has a well-established or possible symbol. Many of these are drawn from the Indians who were among the best scouts and above noted for their use of the picture—writing. A few of them will serve to illustrate. H l l 0' (33211:)? JV 9!! 1V" V! 1"" WK Numbers were originally fingers held up, and five was the whole hand, while ten was a double hand. We can see traces of this origin in the Roman style of numeration. A one-night camp, a more permanent camp, a village and a town are shown 1n legible symbols. _ &_.,_Jt _l. 'h