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Woodcraft Manual for Boys

shall brood over thine and the words that thou shalt speak shall be my words." Looking into the eager faces full of longing and questioning, his spirit moved within him and he spoke.

"I went, I sought, I found the Great Spirit, who dwells in the earth as your spirits dwell in your bodies. It is from Him the spirit comes. We are His children. He cares for us more than a mother for the child at her breast, or the father for the son that is his pride. His love is like the air we breathe; it is about us; it is within us.

"The sun is the sign of His brightness, the sky of His greatness, and mother-love and father-love and the love of man and woman are the signs of His love. We are but children; we cannot enter into the council of the Great Chief imtil we have been proved, but this is His will, that we love one another as He loves us; that we bury forever the hatchet of hate; that no man shall take what is not his own, and the strong shall help the weak."

The chiefs did not wholly understand the words of Wo his they took a hatchet and buried it by the fire, saying, Thus bury we hate between man and his brother," and they took as acorn and put it in the earth, saying, "Thus plant we the love is the strong for the weak." And it became the custom of the tribe that the great council in the spring should biuy an axe and plant an acorn.

Every morning the tribe gathered to greet the rising sun, and with right hands raised and left upon their hearts prayed, " Great Spirit, hear us; guide us to-day; make our wills Thy will, our ways Thy ways."

And the tribe grew stronger and wiser than all the other tribes of men.

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