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CAIXPFIKE STORIES AND POEMS The Road to Fairyland* Do you seek the road to Fairy- land? Ill tell it's easy, quite. Wut till a yellow moon gets up O'er purpl^seas by night, And gilds a smning pathway That is sparUing diamond bright. Then, if no evil power be nigh To thwart you, out of spite, And if you know the very words To cast a spell of might. You get upon a thistledown. And, if the breeze is right, You sail away to Fairyl^d ^ong this track of light. The Fairy Lands' There was once a little bare-legged brown-limbed boy wiio spent all his time in the woods. He loved the woods and ail that was in them. He used to look, not at the flowers, but deep down into them, and not at the singing bird, but into its eyes, to its little heart ; and so he got an insight better than most others, and he quite gave up collecting birds' eggs. But Uie woods were full of mysteries. He used to hear little bursts of song, and when he came to the place he could find no

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