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Things to Know and Do Jli3 Drill. Five-eighths of an inch thick, twelve to fifteen inches long; roughly rounded, sharpened at each end as in the cut (cut I a). . , . . , . 1 Block, or board, two inches wide, six or eight inches long, live- eighths of an inch thick. In this block, near one end, cut a side notch one-half an inch deep, wider on the under side; and near its end half an inch from the edge make a Utile hollow or pit in the top of the block, as in the illustration (cut i b). X. Tods For Fliemskiag Tinder. For tinder use a wad of fine, soft, very dry, d^d grass mixed with shredded cedar barit, Inrch bark, or cvw. cedar wood scraped into a soft mass. Bow. Make a bow of any heat stick two feet long, with a strong buckskin or belt-lacing thong on it (cut i c). Socket. Finally, you need a socket. This simple little thing is made in many different ways. Sometimes I use a pine or hemlock knot with a pit one-quarter inch deep, made by boring with the knife point. But it is a great help to have a good one made of a piece of smooth, hard stone or marble, set in wood; the stone or marble having in it a smooth, round pit three-eighths inch wide and three-eighths inch deep. The one I use most was made by the Eskimo. A view of the under side is shown in cut I (fig. d). Now we are ready to make the fire: Under the notch in the fire-block set a thin chip. Turn the leather thong of the bow once around the drill: the thong should now be quite tight. Put one point of the drill into the pit of the block, and on the upper end put the socket, which is held in the left hand, with the top of the drill in the hole of the stone (as in cut 2). Hold the left wrist against the left shin, and the left foot on the fire-block. Now, draw die right hand back and forth steadily on level and the