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the Lodges do not mingle; that is, a member of the Little Lodge cannot sit by right in a Council of the Big Lodge.


The Badges are as shown on page 27.

The Symbol of the whole nation is a White Shield with Blue Horns.

That of the Old Guide has a trail on it.

That of the Medicine Man has on it four mountains of attainment.

That of the Red Lodge has on it the thunder bird in purple on a turquoise ground, with a red lodge and a yellow rim.

That of the Little Lodge has a little brown lodge: the lodge of the brownies.

That of the Big Lodge has a big blue lodge (of the true blues).

The crown marking the Chief's badge is, in each case, blue.

The badges for the Sagamore, etc., are in black and white.

They are worn over the badge of the Lodge.

The tufts over the Grand Sagamore's badge, etc., are stitched on in red silk or wool.

The badges are worn on the left breast or the left arm.

The arm badges for degrees are blue with red squares, surrounded by white lines and bearing a design in black.

The coup and grand coup diamonds are of red felt, they are worn necklace fashion or on the yoke of the warshirt.

The grand coup is distinguished from the coup by the addition of the wampum square.

In the bead hat bands the colors are brown and white for the Little Lodge, pale blue and white for the Big Lodge, and red on pale turquoise for the Red Lodge. These bands are also used on the headband of the warbonnet.

There is nothing to prevent any one making his badges in