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Tato stránka byla ověřena

It gives a definite course for spiritual development.

It is adapted for all ages and sexes.

It teaches old and young to play.

It gives honors by standards, not by competition.

It provides personal decorations for personal achievements.

It finds great possibilities in symbolism for our daily life.

It holds up always a heroic human ideal.

It teaches courtesy and good manners.

It glorifies service.

It aims at peace and the brotherhood of man.

It seeks to beautify all things in our lives by showing the way and helping to proper love for the beautiful in our daily lives and clothing. Color, at least, is in the reach of all. And loving beauty, it would abolish all sports in which the joy consists of destroying beautiful, harmless wild creatures.

It recognizes the beauty of Common Things.

It never forgets the power of poetry, ceremony, romance, and the appeal to the imagination.

It aims to fix in the mind of our youth with reproductive clearness an ideal figure, physically strong, a trained athlete, dignified, courteous, self-controlled, happy in helping, equipped for emergencies, wise in the ways of the woods, in touch with the world of men and affairs, not specialized, but of such all-round development that he can quickly be made a specialist in any needy place, and filled with a religion that consists not of mere observances, but a well-considered plan of life that makes him desired and helpful here to-day.

Besides a list of activities used now by other organizations, it has many peculiar methods.

It establishes the custom of Formal Council in a prepared and consecrated place, with set procedure, recognizing the power of association with place and ritual.