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Boy' Scouts 4. T?st at least five cows for ten days each, with the Babcock test, and make proper reports. ' . Electricity To obtain a merit badge for Electricity' ? /v scout must i. Illustrate the experiment by which .. the laws of electrical attraction and ?e- pulsion are shown. 2. Name three uses of the direct cur- rent, and tell how it differs from the alternating current. 3. Make a simple elctro-magnet. 4. Have an elementary knowledge of the action of simple battery cells and of the working of electric bells and telephones. $. Be able to remedy fused wire, and to repair broken 6. Construct a machine to make static electridty or a wire- less apparatus. 7. Have a knowledge of the method of resuscitation and rescue of a person insensible from shock. Firemanship To obtain a merit badge for 1'. a scout must i. Know how to turn in an alarm for fire. 5. Know how to enter burning buildings. 3- Know how to prevent panics and the sprbad of fire. 4- Understand the use of hose; un- rolling, joining up, connecting two hydrants, use of nozzle, etc. 5. Understand the use of escapes, ladders, and chutes, and know the location of exits in buildings which he frequents. 6. Know how to improvise ropes and nets. 7. Know what to do in case of panic, understand the fire- man's lift and drag, and how to work in fumes. 8. Understand the use of fire extinguishegs; how to rescue animals; how to save property; how to organize a bucket brigade, and how to aid the police in keeping back crowds. First Aid To obtain a merit badge for First Aid a s9ou?t ?m_?s?t x. Be able to demonstrate the?yive?h? Schaefer methods of resuscitation.