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+ BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA 97 lirat Atli (Eprtifirat? (Thr Amfrtran fflljJ Jnlfmational (Donuirttl/r of (Bi|rtBt<an AasariatUma ->^/i %e7'tt/f'€^' ///a/ J//!?^^i^ x ^£^t^ ^-z-<-^ JtaA^ Mi/aMclo7^iy^ coynfilefecC //tc ^ie^ne7ila/i(y/ /course' 4j^ jUudu/ 4ind ^umrW //le 4)fficial ^exami^iatwn^ m- FIRST ^JH TO THE INJURED Jor tljr Anuriran £fb (Eroflfl: / muiMin. %Vasiiengton. 0. . .<^»f./' r thr Sntrrnaltanal (Commtttrr, tfiurallonal Brpartronl ; _l«/<e_ 4Ne>v YoitK. N. V LIFE-SAVING IN WATER ^3; Geo. J. Fisher . Every boy who learns to swim lOO yards is to receive an award. . Every boy who teaches another boy to swim lOO yards, to receive an award. . I would suggest the following as a test for life-saving award. This is usually the kind of a test provided by the U. S. Volunteer Life-Saving Corps. Swimming Ability: Carry person of own weight 3 ways in 10 yards. Swim with suit of clothes on. Swim 100 yards on back, no hands. 200 yards straightway — breast and side. Dive and fetch in 10 feet of water or 7 feet.