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Tato stránka byla ověřena

RED — All parts marked so: ▥▥▥ Smoke‑flaps and all tops of teepees, stem of pipe, lower half‑circle under pipe, middle part of bowl, wound on side of Elk, blood falling and on trail; Horse, middle Buffalo, two inner bars of pathway up back; also short, dark crossbars, spot on middle of two door‑hangers, and fringe of totem at top of pathway, and two black lines on doorway.

YELLOW — All parts marked so: ⁙⁙⁙ Upper half‑circle under pipe stem, upper half of each feather on pipe; horseman with bridle, saddle and one hindfoot of Horse; the largest Buffalo, the outside upright of the pathway; the ground colors of the totem; the spotted crossbars of pathway; the four patches next the ground, the two patches over door, and the rings of door‑hanger.

GREEN — All parts marked so: ▧▧▧ Bowl of pipe, spot over it; feather tips of same; Elk, first Buffalo, middle line on each side path‑way, and around teepee top; two dashed crossbars on totem and dashed crossbars on pathway; bar on which Horse walks; lower edge and line of spots on upper part of door.