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The Kfch-BMk Rott the Pappoosc counts a far-sight grand coup. (Those who habitually wear glasses may use them in this test.) Sec Far-sight among the games, p. 41. . To make a 75 score in ten tries in the game of Quicksight, with ten counters, counts coup; a 95 score counts a grand coup. (See Quicksight among the games, p. 40.) ATHLFHCS NMvVorkPMc roi TBMC OMon 14.* . Coup: Walk 3J measured miles in i hr. (heel and toe). Grand Coup: 4 miles . Coup: Walk i mile in 4 m. Gimnd Coup: | mile lOa THOSX OVEB I4 1*. Coup: 4} nfin in 1 hr. Grand Coop: sm Coup: I mik in 3 m. Grand Coup: mile in a} m. . Coup mile in 13 m. Grand Coup Walk mile m II m. Coup: 1 10 m. Grand Coup: mile in 9} m. KW TBOBX ovn 18. Coup: si miles. Gimnd Coup : 6} miles. (Rec. 7 inilet, 1318 yd8.)*» Coiq>: I mik, i m. 50 «. Gnad Coup: i m. 40 s. (Rec. X m. 93 s.) in Coup: i mile in 8) m. Grand Coup: i mile, 7 m. 45 s. (Rec. 6 m. agj s.) • B a itaiKlard is doired for thoae under ten. it may be madt by taking the roup at the i4-rear-oldi ai the unit tad mbtractiiig 7) and 15 per cent respectively for grand coup and coup when it b dijtaaca, or Mldiag to it 7« wd 15 per ont when it is time.

    • Reea(ds acoocdiag to Spridtag*! Almanac.