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Continue from page 54 on foot with a party, carrying one's own outfit, sleeping out every night; a grand coup for 250 miles.

16. Traveller. A grand coup for having passed the Royal Geographical Society's examination of "expert traveller."

17. Arctic traveller. A coup for entering the Arctic circle by sea; a grand coup by land.

18. Tropic traveller, A coup for crossing the equator by sea or rail; a grand coup on foot.

19. Red Cross. A grand coup for having passed the Red Cross examination of first aid to the wounded.

20. Boat-builder. Build a boat that will carry two men and that can be paddled, rowed or sailed by them 6 miles an hour, coup; 7 miles an hour, grand coup.

21. To have made a birch canoe that has travelled, with at least one man aboard, 100 miles or more in safety, grand coup.

22. Expert canoeman. A coup is allowed to those who can paddle (single) a canoe on dead water, make their canoe coup (see No. 68), spill the canoe and get into her again, and bale her alone; a grand coup when they make their canoe coup, spill, right, and bale the canoe alone, three times in succession, and have run a rapid that falls six feet in 200 yards.

23. In sign-talking, to know and use correctly 50 signs, for coup; 100 signs, grand coup.

24. Knots. To make 20 different standard knots in a rope, for coup; 30 for grand coup.

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