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out when the fish is in tow. It is not a foul to have less, but the Spearman must at once let it out if the umpire or the other crew cries "fathom!"

The Spearman is allowed to drop the spear and use the paddle or oar at will, but not to resign his spear to another of the crew. The Spearman must be in his boat when the spear is thrown.

If a boat is upset the Medicine-man's canoe helps them to right.

Each crew must accept the backset of its accidents.


For this we usually have two boats or war canoes manned by four men each. These are a Spearman, who is also Captain, a Pilot, and two Oarsmen.

The Spearman is armed with a light pole or bamboo twelve feet long, with a soft pad on the end. Sometimes this is further provided with a hook. This is a forked branch with limbs a foot long; one is lashed to the bamboo, the other projecting out a foot, and slightly backward. The end of the spear and the fork are now thoroughly padded with burlap to the shape of a Duck's head and bill. And it is all the better if cased in waterproof, as this keeps it from getting wet and heavy. The object of the hook is to change suddenly from pushing, and to pull the enemy by hooking round his neck. Each boat should have a ..text continues