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4. Don't break the Game Laws.

5. Don't cheat. Cheating in the games or records or wearing honors not conferred by the Council is a crime.

6. Don't bring firearms of any kind into camp. Bows and arrows are enough for our purpose.

7. Don't make a dirty camp. Keep the woods clean by burying all garbage.

8. No smoking (for those under 18).

9. No fire-water in camp.

Punishments are meted out by the Chief and Council after a hearing of the case. They consist of:

Exclusion from the games for a time.

Of tasks of drudgery and camp service.

Of reduction in rank.

The extreme penalty is banishment from the Tribe.


The totem of the whole nation of Seton Indians (as they have called themselves) is the White or Silver Buffalo.

Each Band needs a totem of its own in addition. This is selected by the Council, and should be some thing easy to draw. Each brave adds a private totem of his own, usually a drawing of his name.

The first of these Indians took as their totem a Blue Buffalo and so became Blue Buffalo Band, and ..text pokračuje