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weatherwise — that is, a woodcrafter — if you are to make a success of the teepee.

And remember this : The Indians did not look for hardships. They took care of their health so as to withstand hardship when it came, but they made themselves as comfortable as possible. They never slept on the ground if they could help it. Catlin tells us of the beautiful 4-post beds the Mandans used to make in their lodges. The Blackfeet make neat beds of willow rods carefully peeled, and the Eastern Indians cut piles of pine and fir branches to keep them off the ground. Failing these they used hay or straw. The bed material should be kept together by small logs put at each side.

During long heavy rains some of the Indians used to put a "bull-boat" over the smoke-vent of the lodge. We are sometimes forced to do the same. We sew canvas on a frame of willow hoops which is about 3 feet across and 18 inches deep. This sits on the top of the poles like a cap.

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