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Here is a fine painted skin teepee of which I got the model from the Sioux. The color are delicate flat tints — no strong colors are used on it. The figures are sharp but have no lines around them. Only pale red, pale yellow and pale green are used. The ground color is soft gray.

RED— All parts marked so: Smoke-flaps and all tops of teepees, stem of pipe, lower half-circle under pipe, middle part of bowl, wound on side of Elk, blood falling and on trail; Horse, middle Buffalo, two middle of two door-hangers, and fringe of totem at top of pathway, and two black lines on doorway.

YELLOW— All parts marked so: Upper half-circle under pipe stem, upper half of each feather on pipe; horseman with bridle, saddle and one hidnfoot of Horse; the largest Buffalo, the outside upright of the pathway; the ground colors of them totem; the spotted crossbars of pathway; the four patches next the ground, the two patches over door, and the rigns of door-hanger.

GREEN — All parts marked so: Bowl of pipe, spot over it; feather tips of same; Elk, first Buffalo, middle line on each side pathway, and around teepee top; two dashed crossbars on totem and dashed crossbars on pathway; bar on which Horse walks; lower edge and line of spots on upper part of door.